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Kickstarter for Guns!

If you are interested in being involved with this project, please put your ideas/suggestions/work in this sub I've created.
Who is interested in helping start a website that would basically be the "Kickstarter" or "IndieGoGo for the gun community? That way, average joes could invest their money and time into making products that they actually want to see. Basic things we'd need:
Who's interested? Let's get this going.
EDITS: Below are suggestions that have been made:
  • Gatstarter
  • Bangmaker
  • Shootstarter
  • Triggerbeginner
  • Gunstarter
  • GunRep
  • Shootkicker
  • Gearstarter
  • Gatblatblatter
  • BlatGatBlatter
  • Pullthetrigger
  • StartingGun
  • StarterPistol
  • Firestarter
  • Openfire!
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