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VegasCoin the Las Vegas Cryptocurrency just like bitcoin, litecoin and most like Auroracoin, but for Las Vegas, Nevada.

EWMCI Weekly Update for 2020-02-28 [Full Version]

Dear Colleagues,
What a week... outside of an obscure Sci-Fi movie, one could not foresee the events of the past few days. The coronavirus (COVID-2019) pandemic is now creating havoc beyond the traditional economy, affecting cryptocurrencies as well. Today's weekly report will take a slightly different approach, focusing on the relative performance of the three EWMCI indices (Gold / Silver / Bronze) in relation to major cryptocurrencies that are traditionally considered "safe havens" during difficult times.
Brief Summary - The past two weeks mark the beginning of a new downtrend for all three EWMCI crypto indices. Although the first week (2 weeks ago) was somewhat expected as a market correction was overdue, the second week (last 7 days) came unexpected and was associated with a global externality (COVID-2019) that has escalated well beyond previously projected dimension. From the recent highs, the Gold Index is down 20.7%, the Silver Index is down 15.8%, and the Bronze Index lost 10.7%.
Critical Analysis of EWMCI Index vs. Mega-Cap Performance - I has been said that the true test of an investing strategy should not be based entirely on the amount of price appreciation on the way up, but also on the amount of damage (read: risk) containment on the way down. This is because continued and repeated declines tend to be more damaging to long-term value creation, as well as because it takes about 3x longer for an asset price to accumulate in relation to the more rapid drops.
EWMCI Indices vs. Bitcoin (BTC) - During the past 2 weeks, BTC price in USD declined by about 15.1%. This compares favorably to the Gold Index (20.7% loss - Note: Gold Index contains BTC). When BTC is placed side-by-side with the Silver Index, both performed about the same (15.1% vs. 15.8%, respectively). However, when compared to the Bronze Index, BTC was outperformed by 5% (10.7% drop vs. 15.1% decline, respectively).
EWMCI Indices vs. Ethereum (ETH) - For the same comparison period, ETH declined by 20%. This is similar to the Gold Index (20.7%) but significantly worse than either the Silver Index (15.8%) or the Bronze Index (10.7%).
EWMCI Indices vs. Litecoin (LTC) - During the past 2 weeks, the price of LTC declined by approximately 24%. When compared to LTC's performance, all EWMCI indices did better than LTC.
Conclusion - During the most recent, unexpected COVID-2019 related downturn, EWMCI indices performed same or better than BTC, and outperformed both ETH and LTC.
Other Developments - We are pleased to announce that a new set of EWMCI pairs are now available on NLexch, with Auroracoin (AUR) base market! This is our third base market in as many weeks (Fides Lynx market; Zapple GlobalBoost-Y market, and now NLexch Auroracoin market). Big thanks to all coin teams and exchanges that made it possible!
Another positive development is the early indication that Coinomi might be considering Coingecko as an alternative price data provider, especially for some of the altcoins currently not on CMC. This would be a huge development, as it would reduce our reliance on getting listed on CMC, both for exchanges and for coin projects / pairs :)
Thank you again for your continued support!
Till next week!
Stan /
The beauty of DIY Crypto Index investing - Your coins, your wallet, your keys, your control, and you get to pick the performance/risk level...
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Auroracoin (AUR) — Briefly the Number Two Cryptocurrency — Destroyed On Airdrop Impact

Auroracoin (AUR) — Briefly the Number Two Cryptocurrency — Destroyed On Airdrop Impact
The War On Shitcoins Episode 3: Auroracoin (AUR). The war on shitcoins is a Crypto.IQ series that targets and shoots down cryptocurrencies that are not worth investing in either due to their being scams, having serious design flaws, being centralized, or in general just being worthless copies of other cryptocurrencies. There are thousands of shitcoins that are ruining the markets, and Crypto.IQ intends to expose all of them. The crypto space needs an exorcism, and we are happy to provide it.
Back in the early days of crypto when there were less than 140 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap versus nearly 2,100 cryptocurrencies today, Auroracoin (AUR) briefly became the second most valuable cryptocurrency on March 4, 2014, when its price peaked at $98.
This corresponded to a market cap in excess of $1 billion at a time when Bitcoin’s (BTC) market cap was only $7 billion. But this ended up being one of the most vicious pump and dumps in the early days of altcoins since a mere two days later AUR’s price was already more than 80 percent lower.
The reason AUR gained such a high market cap, if only briefly, is that it brought forth the original concept of national airdrops. It could also be considered the first attempt at a national cryptocurrency. The idea was that AUR would be distributed for free to all citizens of Iceland who signed up and that this would drastically increase cryptocurrency adoption in Iceland.
AUR was mineable via Scrypt Proof of Work (PoW), and the mining community believed in AUR’s potential for becoming the national cryptocurrency of Iceland. Also, AUR was very scarce before the airdrop. Only 2.5 AUR were being distributed per minute via mining, and this scarcity automatically increased its value.
There was a time when AUR was increasing beyond anyone’s expectations just before the airdrop, and numerous speculators jumped into the market only to experience catastrophic losses. But the extremely rapid price peak and subsequent crash is an excellent example of a pump and dump.
Ultimately the citizens of Iceland who signed up likely dumped their AUR immediately for cash profits versus using or adopting AUR. Thus, the original purpose for which Auroracoin was built ended up being its biggest weakness, making Auroracoin a prime example of why national airdrops — and perhaps airdrops in general — do not work. At the point the airdrop occurs, the market becomes saturated, creating strong selling pressure.
The Auroracoin airdrop occurred in 3 phases. On March 24, 2014, 31.8 AUR were given to each Icelandic citizen who signed up. Right before the airdrop started, the Auroracoin market cap was $163 million, and less than a week later it had crashed to $20 million. The earliest Icelanders who received their share of 31.8 AUR got an impressive $400, which explains why they immediately cashed out. By the time phase 1 of the airdrop ended in late July, 1.127 million AUR had been distributed across Iceland, and AUR’s market cap had been completely plundered to less than $170,000.
Phase 2 of the airdrop immediately began when phase 1 ended, and the share per citizen drastically increased to 318 AUR to account for the fall in price. This amounted to about $30, however. By the time phase 2 ended, 1.6 million AUR were distributed, and AUR’s market cap was solidly less than $100,000. Phase 3 of the airdrop then began, and the reward was doubled to 636 AUR per citizen. 1.7 million AUR were distributed by the time the airdrop ended in late March 2015, and the AUR market cap had declined to less than $40,000.
Essentially, speculators and miners worldwide invested heavily into AUR during early 2014 in the hopes that a national airdrop would make AUR a strong cryptocurrency long term. In the end, the airdrop sucked all of the money out of the AUR market. This represented a redistribution of wealth from people in the crypto space who cared about Auroracoin to about 45,000 citizens in Iceland who didn’t.
With the airdrop completed and no more purpose left for Auroracoin, the developers pulled one final trick in April 2015 and burned 5.3 million unclaimed AUR. This led to a speculative rally that increased the Auroracoin market cap back to $450,000.
Shockingly, in March 2018, AUR’s market cap increased to $20 million on strong buying pressure. This showed the tremendous disconnect between the crypto rally and reality. AUR had already been proven to be a failure more than three years earlier.
Currently, Auroracoin has a market cap of $1.6 million despite the fact that AUR has practically no community and no purpose. The trading volume is less than 0.2 Bitcoins (BTC) per day, and confined to the small exchanges Cryptopia and YoBit. This shows how shitcoins with no real trading activity or value can have a market cap in excess of $1 million, proving how meaningless market cap can be at measuring a cryptocurrency’s investment worthiness.
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Poll - which currency do you auto exchange to?

Poll - which currency do you auto exchange to?

This is just a poll to see what others use for cashing out because i was curious. For some reason it does not update the current vote count in the post.

See live vote count here

Vote Button Poll Options Current Vote Count
Vote Don't use auto exchange 0 Votes
Vote Adzcoin 0 Votes
Vote Auroracoin-Qubit 0 Votes
Vote Bitcoin 0 Votes
Vote Bitcoin-Cash 0 Votes
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Vote Dash 0 Votes
Vote Digibyte-Groestl 0 Votes
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Vote Litecoin 0 Votes
Vote Maxcoin 0 Votes
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Vote Monero 0 Votes
Vote Musicoin 0 Votes
Vote Myriadcoin-Groestl 0 Votes
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Vote Sexcoin 0 Votes
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Vote Zencash 0 Votes
  • Click Vote to Register Your Vote.
Note: Vote Count in this post will be updated real time with new data.
Make Your Own Poll Here
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HODLERs of Last resort

Hi all, I was listening to the Trace Mayer podcast and he was talking about the "HODLERs of last resort". You can listen here:
I think it's relevant here in BTCP as well. I know things are down and we didn't get our exchange listings yet and coinmarketcap is not showing our market cap and maybe there's some problems on the dev team? But, I wanted to take the time to explain why I'm a hodler of last resort for BTCP. First off, blockchains don't die easy so even if all the devs for BTCP quit and this board dies off, as long as there is a way to sell BTCP and miners keep mining it, BTCP is going exactly no where. I mean Auroracoin and Bitconnect are still alive for crying out loud. The price may decline, maybe even to less than $1, but it's going to be around and it will always have the possibility of coming back to favor. I got into ZCL originally because I saw the potential in BTCP and none of that has changed. In fact, certain aspects of the value prop are even stronger than I would have thought when I first entered my position. I think the biggest thing we have going for us is our community. There's a lot of people here and I don't think we're going to let this thing die easy. Importantly, Bitcoin Private HAS A USE CASE and it's something that Bitcoin doesn't do well at the current time. It's also quite possible that Bitcoin doesn't ever adopt privacy features and even it does, it could take 5 years or more before it's implemented. Even Matt Corallo said he sees confidential transactions a ways out for Bitcoin as the research into how to implement it is still ongoing and they're not even close to consensus. You can also bet there will be a major fight about the best way to implement it just like there was for scaling. So, while things may have not gone our way price-wise, the opportunity for this coin is still exactly the same as it was before the fork.
So, all in all nothing has changed and the team has paid $600k to exchanges to be listed already. Do you think the exchanges want to return that money? I don't. Bitcoin private will be listed on larger exchanges, it will be traded, it will be mined. The (mostly volunteer) devs will implement segwit. More stuff will happen. So, I'm a hodler of last resort. Who's with me?
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IOTA is a centrally owned and controlled coin, here's why. (Posted here because it would be deleted elsewhere.)

After u/pyalot's IOTA Warning thread, I was motivated to dig a little bit.
Here's what others may not be aware of that I've found so far:
Excluding the funds of the foundation, the unclaimed Iota as well as the Finex cold store address yields the following distribution: (64.47% of IOTA is in the top 100 addresses) as of August 8th
"In fact, it can be shown that the strategy of one large double-spending transaction increases the attacker’s chances of being successful. In the “ideal” situation of this mathematical model, this attack always succeeds."
Like u/pyalot said "If your concept does not yet work 2 years in, it will never work."
If anyone has anything else, let me know and I'll add it.
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We are Adam, Mike, Ryan, Angelo and Ken of Vault of Satoshi (Canadian Bitcoin Exchange) AUA! And Raise Money for Cancer Research!

My short bio:
Hey folks I'm Adam Cochran, Director of Marketing for Vault of Satoshi, Canada's largest international cryptocurrency exchange! I'm joined by some our team for our first ever Ask Us Anything!
The team who is here today:
Mike Curry - Co-Founder
Ryan van Barneveld - Co-Founder
Adam Cochran - Director of Marketing
Angelo Rodrigues - Software Engineer
Ken Vahl - Developer
And as of 1pm, we'll be happy to take your questions on Cryptocurrency, our exchange, Canada, our team, you name it! (Disclaimer: We reserve the right to not answer questions related to security policy if we feel it may jeopardize user security)
Our Proof:
Donations for Canadian Cancer Society:
Since April is Cancer Awareness month we'll be raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society in cryptocurrencies today! Feel free to tip in your favorite crypto to the wallet addresses below! 100% of all proceeds will be going to the Canadian Cancer Society once exchanged for Fiat and we'll announce on /VoS how much we raised, and which crypto gave the most!
Bitcoin: 1EsrAN9RDp7XA9c7aXxoC4gQApeTQaQqgD
Dogecoin: D6iydwkV4ahLb1kh7kkL2HKYZ123GBddcP
Auroracoin: AULecYyfRxE712pHJYWuBtfJNY3nUwJgTH
Cryptogenic Bullion: 5k4GfUse1aqLdFNoxfNJExkw28joR5971u
Darkcoin: Xurkbw2bdxufHxZywh9uPRz5Nby42rtqzM
Digitalcoin: DEUJ7ewRVbaYDD2Uvomi12beAmHEAsjG7f
Litecoin: LgqWyaZcDeexJP4JmFBJKjLvarEeeiMHAu
Mintcoin: MdNiyTfUWfgmYdJCBbvLkmnEgL5EjpnQqp
Peercoin: PQCvLzmnFASX1Dr3Sn4ng6sqEU9pTRhMmh
Quark: QjMiv7Buwd38RiDTTSD6N5cbHxB1HiwqCU
Vertcoin: VqP5TBNs7fNT9cLCanG7FqvAEC5QeknfPt
Worldcoin: WcauiMQDq2cgs8E81vddr2E9NQpyd5mKKA
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BTC market cap 6.2 billion USD compared to almost 14 billion USD in November 2013

--Lets discuss about market capitalization of Bitcoin, altcoins and why this is important for the crypto market.
Current BTC market cap is 6.2 billion dollars compared to almost 14 billion dollars in November 2013
The following data was pulled from in case you want to double check it (All based on the 180 day historic):
And that is pretty much the relevant list for me, since the rest of the altcoins that I didnt include, IN MY opinion are not even worth mentioning.
So what do we take from this? We have seen some new regulations, bans, restrictions, scams, exchanges going bankrupt and scamming and overall bad news for cryptos in the last few months. On the other hand there are a ton of new startups bitcoin and crypto related to be launched this year; but will that matter? I mean, sure there is a ton of infrastructure being built around bitcoin which will make it easier to purchase and use bitcoin, this is actually good news (couldnt resist sry) but meanwhile the trust in cryptos is on the floor by the general public/media.
They can put a million bitcoin atms in every country, but who will be buying if the only thing you see are more and more shady exchanges going bankrupt and people losing their money? The market caps I put above reflect the current distrust in this system , at least as a store of value by the general public and THE BIG money. Those market caps dont even compare to even small companies and their stocks , nowhere near gold or silver just to give a few example. That means that cryptos are EASILY manipulable, we had clear examples of that happening during the mtgox fall. Some of those coins are being pumped and dumped by whales so much that is not even funny anymore. So this is a double edge problem you see? Whales will continue to manipulate the market as long as they can and the only way to stop it is by having a bigger market cap, which will only happen with bigger adoption or* bigger individual trust and direct demand. Bigger adoption wont happen in a non-trustable market and manipulation and shady stuff wont stop happening without bigger adoption/market cap. That is a round problem..
Some final thoughts, I really want to hear opinions, cricism, bashing, theories, crazy stuff, decent analysis and pretty much everything that come to your mind please. I post this often but if the idea of bitcoin was to have a p2p currency with low fees and etc advantages over traditional currencies, it really doesnt have to be worth $500 , $1000 or $20 for that to work, you just need quick converstion to fiat and a ton of exchanges, bitcoin can be worth what dogecoin is worth and still work as intended, the currency of the internet.
I have enjoyed the crypto-ride a lot but at this point I have taken enough profit to retire and I dont think I will just keep my "hodl stash" for much longer. I often hear a lot here that in the long term it will be xmoon value, but honestly? With the amount of altcoins and the amount of attacks to bitcoin, any altcoin could replace bitcoin anytime soon. All of this is pure speculation , I am a trader so I like to speculate. I am starting to think that in the longterm other cryptos will easily take over thanks to what bitcoin is building for them around the world. We could even see government-issued cryptos with parity in the long term as well, anything is possible and with that in mind , bitcoin doesnt seem that strong as it did initially.
Your thoughts? Discuss pls.
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Suggestion: add BCH-AUR pair

Hi, great to see an exchange with BCH pairs.
It would be awesome if you´d consider adding Bitcoin Cash - Auroracoin pairs :)
Yes its a shitcoin, but Iḿ making big $ by using it for arbitrage trades. Iḿ currently using and my national exchange . It would be great if I could skip using BTC since I use all my profits to buy BCH :)
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Coin Vs. Token: Knowing The Difference

Coin Vs. Token: Knowing The Difference

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are encoded (anchored) with complex cryptographic calculations, but do you know what’s the main difference between tokens and coins that everyone are talking?

What is Cryptography?

Cryptography is utilized here to anchor and verify the transfer of transactions. Cryptographic forms of money are fueled by an open ledger which records and approves all exchanges sequentially, which is known as a blockchain.

What are Coins?

Coins, for instance,Bitcoin, are a type of digital money which works freely of any other blockchain. In less complex terms, a coin is a digital currency that has its very own blockchain. The terms coin and a crypto-coin or altcoin can be utilized conversely.
Altcoins simply mean coins that speak to an option in contrast to Bitcoin. The greater part of the altcoins discovered today available are forks of Bitcoin, made by utilizing Bitcoin’s publicly released, unique platform and changing its base codes, bringing about a totally new coin with an alternate arrangement of functionalities.📷Here are a couple of precedents of altcoins; Namecoin, Peercoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Auroracoin. There are different altcoins that aren’t derived from Bitcoin’s open-source convention. Or maybe, they have made their very own Blockchain and convention that underpins their local money. For instance: Ethereum, Ripple, Omni, Nxt, Waves, and Counterparty.
However, how might you see whether a coin has its very own blockchain or not? You can enter CoinMarketCap’s site and view their whole list of coins alongside their appropriate platforms.

What are tokens?

In the world of business, the token can be defined as:
’’A unit of value that an organization creates to self-govern its business model, and empower its users to interact with its products while facilitating the distribution and sharing of rewards and benefits to all of its stakeholders.’’
The process of making new tokens is considerably less complex as you don’t need to adjust the codes from a specific convention or assemble a blockchain from ground zero. All that is required is to pursue a standard format on the blockchain – like that accessible on the platform – which empowers clients to make their own tokens.
Tokens are made using smart contracts, which are programmable computer contents which are self-executing and they require no third parties involved in order to work. A greater part of crypto Tokens is issued over an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). An ICO is comparative in concept to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for stocks.
There are different sorts of tokens that can be classified in the accompanying classes: Security or Asset Tokens, Payment Tokens, Equity Tokens, and Utility Tokens.
Security Tokens – The tokens issued by ICOs are for the most part security tokens. Purchasing the security token is an investment in the ICO with the desire for the benefit. As per Swiss law, a similar treatment applies to them as with conventional securities.
Equity TokensAn equity token is a sort of token that speaks to some stock or value in the organization that issues it. Yet, few organizations resort to conduct such an ICO as a result of the absence of administrative direction with respect to the lawful restrictions of this sector.
Utility Tokens– Also known as application tokens, these tokens are utilized to give its holders access to either a product or service. They are additionally rare on the grounds that most tokens are relied upon to increment in cost dependent on their constrained accessibility.
Payment Tokens– The main motivation behind installment tokens is to pay for products and enterprises.

The Main Difference

Crypto coins and tokens have one noteworthy contrast, which is in their structure; altcoins are distinct currencies with their own different blockchain while tokens keep running over another blockchain which empowers the improvement of decentralized applications.


Computerized tokens and coins both serve indispensable jobs in the digital currency industry. While there truly is just a single key distinction between these two digital currency classes, realizing what isolated a crypto coin from a token is fundamental for understanding what is the goal of an undertaking. This specialized information can enable potential investors to figure out which ICOs are perfect venture choices.
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Reddcoin economics

Everyday I read some reddheads comments about reddcoin price, reddcoin wall @ cryptsy and I sense some growing anxiety arround this comunity and I want to expose/discuss some of my personal views about it.
Reddcoin is pretty new so the mining rewards puts a lot of selling pressure in the exchanges. In the last 7 days, 1 billion reddcoins were mined we went from 17.3 billions to 18.3 billions, a 5.7% increase.
The selling pressure will ease as coin gets older. One week of mining will still produce 1 billion redds until the block halving (next year) but as the coin grows older, the weekly billion will represent a smaller and smaller fraction of it's total market
Bitcoin is in a lomgterm downtrend. No crypto market is independent of the bitcoin market when bitcoin value decreases, every altcoin prices folows. Only pumped coins gained value. We had auroracoin, mintcoin and now blackcoin prices following a bell shaped curve typical of pump and dump schemes.
While a pump and dump scheme can be a great financial deal those who manage to sell the coins near the all-time-high value (hard), it can destroy the coin.
The current reddcoin price reflects not only the current bitcoin downtrend but also it's perfectly adjusted by some kind of mining arbitrag . Mining redd with a gpu yealds virtually the same as mining doge or mining ( each day there's 144M redds mined and for the current 0.004 - 0.0044 BTC/day per MH/s , 105k redds per MH/s, each reddcoin would be valued arround 3.8 - 4.2 satoshi.).
Also the huge exchange walls are consequence of the number of reddcoins created on each block. Sellig reddcoin for 5 satoshi instead of 4 represents a 25% profit while selling at 3 , a 25% loss. Huge numbers for the daytrading world. If there was 14M redds created per day instead of the current 144M, the buy/sell gap would be smaller and trades more frequent. (IMO this is a risk for redd but only a medium one - can we halve the reddcoin mining rewards earlier ?)
Did I say that reddcoin is young ? Serious business takes lots of time to build. Software development is slow and expensive and important business actions are planned months ahead. The current state of reddcoin development is more or less what I expect to see for such young coin.
Reddcoin had a sucessful IPO the devs didn't run away with the money and are still building software for redd. IPO money is a huge asset for a coin so dev still arround after receiving IPO money is great news.
Every week there's posts about new projects from the devs and while the reddit activity does not reflect the number of subscribes, the activity is slowly growing. Some younger reddcoin brothers are already dead or dying,so reddcoin already survived some early life coin filters.
So .. let's relax and kepp reddcoin comunity growing.
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1st Monthly Unitus Community Update! (October/17)

Welcome to the 1st Official Unitus Community Update! The community update will be released during the 1st week of every month from now on.
What is Unitus?
Unitus is about bringing together smaller crypto-currencies and the communities that support them into a larger group capable of greater change, influence and innovation, whilst allowing each to maintain their own unique identities.
Who is Unitus?
Unitus is compromised of a bunch of passionate individuals who really want it to succeed. It is not one single person or entity. It is whoever is apart of it. The developers, team members, volunteers, investors, community and whoever else. We are all equal here and everybody is treated as such.
What is the direction of Unitus?
The direction is all about improving UIS in any fashion possible. The development, mining, marketing, exchanges, branding, the community and anything/everything else.
Things on the current roadmap have been going smoothly. Core Wallet Update
We are happy to officially announce that the major project for 2017, an update of the codebase of Unitus is complete! Unitus was initially based on bitcoin core 0.9.3 , which is now 3 years old. We've been working hard to rebase Unitus on bitcoin core 0.14.2, which brings some significant updates including:
Some of these changes are immediate, others are network level changes that will be introduced as more people adopt the new client. Key to all of this is compatibility with existing wallets and network nodes, thus major new features that are available in Bitcoin have not yet been enabled. We will evaluate in the future what features to enable, depending on what occurs upstream.
Release of the new wallet, including pre-compiled binary files for Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Raspbian are out now!
We're also working on a major re-styling of the wallet, to give us a unique identity.
Paper Wallet Generator
Just released a little while ago, this is now available at
Electrum Wallet
Preliminary work on an Electrum port for Unitus has started. This will give people a faster and light-weight option instead of the full core wallet.
Other development projects
All of these are included in our current roadmap, work on these is on-going:
A new, updated roadmap will also be published soon with other projects for the future.
Unitus Mining Pool -
Always popular with Argon2d miners, the mining pool has been encountering a few growing pains recently, but we're working hard on that to ensure high uptime and maximum rewards!
We are glad to announce that MasterZeus, has just updated and released the UIS Argon2d calculator.
We've also implemented merge mining support, allowing us to mine other coins that share on of our proof-of-work, and then exchange those coins for more UIS. This has proven to be popular for Skein miners, and we're looking to add additional coins across the spectrum of algorithms.
What is merge mining?
Merge mining is what sets Unitus apart from many other cryptocurrencies. It allows us to essentially get free hashrate to secure the network, with no additional workload for miners. The miner does nothing extra. He just works away looking for those good hashes. The brains of the operation is in the pool, but the result is the same work for the miner with higher rewards, coins coming from both wallets, and network security for Unitus at no extra cost. Everyone wins!
Coins you can currently merge mine with Unitus
Adzcoin (ADZ) ArcticCoin (ARC) Artex (ATX) AuroraCoin (AUR) Beach (SAND) Beonpush (BOPS) Bitcoin Planet (BTPL) Bolivar (BOLI) Bows (BSC) CannabisCoin (CANN) Centurion (CNT) Coexist (COXST) Coino (CNO) CopyPasta (CTRLV) Dash (DASH) Digibyte (DGB) Eryllium (ERY) Fal (FAL) GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY) Granite (GRN) Happy (HPC) Influxcoin (INFX) Join (J-x-11) Kash (KASH) Kurrent (KURT) Linked (LXC) Marijuana (MAR) Marx (MARX) Mavrodi (MMM) Mind (MND) Monetary Unit (MUE) Myriad (XMY) Ofw (OFW) OGN (OGN) Ozzie (OZC) PIZZA (PIZZA) Prime-XI (PXI) Seven (SEV) StartCoin (START) Vault (VLTC) Verge (XVG) VertCoin (VTC) VirtaPlus (XVP)
And growing!
You may have noticed that there are a few different colored UIS logos floating around the internet. Black chains and multi colored chains. Well, we are officially announcing that in a branding effort, the color Grey will be our main color. The official Unitus logo will be Grey on white. We feel that it is clean and neutral look. Grey on black will also be used for other UIS related headers, images and such. Other promotional material that is already out may still be used.
Unitus has had solid development for years, but has lacked a bit in the marketing department. Now that we have committed on the branding, we can ramp up the marketing. We have just hired a new member to the team ~6 weeks ago, and he has been doing a good job on twitter getting attention and followers in the mean time prior to the news announcements in this thread.
In a marketing effort, we would like to officially announce the creation of the United Crypto Alliance (UCA)! It will consist of Unitus and other cryptocurrencies that are merge mineable with UIS. The goal of the (UCA) will be to promote each other, therefore creating a synergistic effect that will benefit everybody involved. We would like to formally introduce Myriad (XMY) as the 1st member of the (UCA) besides Unitus! Stay tuned for more information regarding this!
The community has been growing at a very good rate recently. Ever since we picked up our social media activity last month, we have been accruing a good amount of Slack members and Twitter followers. Right now we have over 400 total Slack members and over 1100 twitter followers. The Slack channel has been a lot more active recently as a result. You can get a pretty fast response to a question asked there. We currently have some very intelligent and friendly members. You can currently reach us at these places and we are also currently expanding to other platforms which will be announced.
Website: Twitter: Reddit: ANN Thread: Slack:
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Can Litecoin (or cryptocurrencies in general) really replace fiat currency in the future?

Ever since I started buying a few years back, I rallied for Litecoin in particular not only for it's fast transaction speeds, but also because Charlie(coblee) has been nothing but incredibly open, transparent, and supportive to the community (something which can't be said for most other cryptocurrencies out there). I don't think I trust any other creator of a coin apart from Charlie at the moment.
However I have a few concerns which I really do think needs to be addressed before the ultimate goal of having a truly stable decentralised currency can be reached based on my personal experience of the last few years.
My Story: I was extremely lucky when I first bought bitcoin at MtGox that I immediately transferred out to buy litecoins at a different exchange before they stopped all withdrawals. I bought 3 bitcoins at the time and converted it to Litecoins. Together with a bit of arbitrage and mining I made up 90 Litecoins. At the time I encouraged some of my housemates to buy and try out Litecoins as well (one of my best friends now currently hold 30 LTC after losing the other half to Cryptsy). I held fast even as Litecoin went down to 1-2 USD. I even got out of the Auroracoin lies relatively unscathed.
I used some of my Litecoins for purchases such as on Namecheap for domain names and was left with 54 Litecoins. Unfortunately for me I used Cryptsy at one point and ended up losing all my 54 coins which really broke my heart. My wallet - (
My Concerns:
Massive Fluctuations in Price - With the rapid rise in the values of these coins, is it really stable enough to purchase actual products using cryptocurrency? Let's say I buy a domain name for 5 litecoins one year, and now it's worth 1K. Although the fiat currencies have inflation as a disadvantage, it's relatively stable. You would definitely feel "robbed" if you ended up paying for a 8 USD domain name one year, only to regret using it at all when it is now worth several hundred USD the next year. Wouldn't this kill our goals of trying to use crypto as a currency rather than just a tool for trading and investments?
Safety - Whilst I agree that Wallets are the safest place for keeping money, exchanges really should be under a lot more scrutiny and we need a lot more stability.
We have no real choice currently but to use exchanges extremely frequently to change back and forth to fiat currency not only because of the limited marketplace for buying products directly in crypto, but also what I said about the massive fluctuation in pricing. In the fiat currency world, we can essentially trust the majority of the banks to hold our money safe one year to the next. We currently cannot trust exchanges to this extent (perhaps apart from coinbase, but even then the insurance/assurances have not been tested). Even BTC-e that has been there for years had a large amount of their assets seized recently.
The Fees - Coming to the above point about safety, the fees are definitely a lot higher than they were before. I don't disagree that fees are required for transactions to take place, but some of these fees are much higher than you would expect, again from a standard bank in Europe. This discourages people to put their money into a safe place (which is counter-intuitive of what the community advises anyone who wants to buy into crypto).
Final thoughts - I'm not trying to talk down on crypto, I remain a huge fan despite my heart break of losing my Litecoins. But these concerns highlight some limitations to our goal of making a true crypto society and I hope they can be addressed in the near future bfore crypto becoming a massive pyramid scam. I think Litecoin is way ahead of all other coins in this regard, but still a lot of work is needed.
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Blockchain is a new technology that related to database and information transmission, information is connected as blocks. Each block contains created time, information and links to previous blocks. Number of blocks is limited.
Information within a blockchain cannot be modified, and we just can increase information when every node in the chain complies with a new request. Even if a part of a blockchain is compromised or damaged, every last piece of the blockchain would continue to operate and protect the system & information.
The strongest point of blockchain technology is decentralized applications. Information is not contained at one point, but on a whole chain. Every transaction is conducted directly without any mediator, and recorded by every node within the blockchain. Therefore, every transaction have been made could not be modified and precision of each transaction would be protected.
Please keep in mind that all coins or tokens are cryptocurrencies, even if most of the coins do not function as a currency or medium of exchange.
The two most common types of cryptocurrencies are: Altcoins (Alternative Cryptocurrency Coins) and Tokens.
Altcoins or simply “coins” are an alternative to Bitcoin. The majority of altcoins are a variant (fork) of Bitcoin, built using Bitcoin’s open-sourced, original protocol with changes to its underlying codes. As a result, an entirely new coin is created, with a different set of features. Examples of altcoins that are variants of Bitcoins codes are Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, hay Auroracoin, etc.
Besides, there are other altcoins that aren’t derived from Bitcoin’s open-source protocol. They have created their own Blockchain and protocol that supports their native currency instead. For example: Ethereum, Ripple, Waves, etc.
A commonality of all altcoins is that they each possess their own independent blockchain, where transactions relating to their native coins occur in.
Tokens usually reside on top of another blockchain, and represent an asset or utility for that particular blockchain. Basically, Tokens can represent any assets that are fungible and tradeable, from commodities to loyalty points to even other cryptocurrencies.
Creating tokens is an easier process, we do not have to modify the codes from a particular protocol or create a separated Blockchain from scratch. All we have to do is follow a standard template on the blockchain – such as on the Ethereum or Waves platform. This allows us to create our own tokens, a unique feature of smart contract – To be specific, smart contract are programmable computer codes that are self-executing and do not need any third-parties to operate
Tokens are created and distributed to the public through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) – it means “crowdfunding”, through the release of a new cryptocurrency or token to fund project development, which is similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering for stocks).
Altcoins and Tokens are basically different in their structure. Altcoins own their separate currencies and their separate Blockchain. On the other hand, Token operates on top of a Blockchain that facilitates the creation of decentralized applications.
(To be Continued)
Bacoor Vietnam
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Auroracoin may surpass litecoin!

I was watching the exchanges closely today and was shocked to see auroracoin trading at 0.0190 to the bitcoin (litecoin currently trading at .0248). With the airdrop at just over 25 days away I am wondering if it will soon surpass the litecoin in value. There will be alot of speculation as to a. Will the Icelandic people actually receive the coins b. Will they use or sell the coins immediately All in all, I expect this coin to do extremely well.
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[uncensored-r/btc] IOTA is a centrally owned and controlled coin, here's why. (Posted here because it would be delet...

The following post by 324JL is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been openly removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: btc/comments/7hnhwj
The original post's content was as follows:
After u/pyalot's IOTA Warning thread, I was motivated to dig a little bit.
Here's what others may not be aware of that I've found so far:
Excluding the funds of the foundation, the unclaimed Iota as well as the Finex cold store address yields the following distribution: (64.47% of IOTA is in the top 100 addresses) as of August 8th
"In fact, it can be shown that the strategy of one large double-spending transaction increases the attacker’s chances of being successful. In the “ideal” situation of this mathematical model, this attack always succeeds."
  • 3.b The IOTA white paper is around 3 times longer than Bitcoin's, taking about 10 pages to describe attack scenarios, but doesn't really go into how to reliably stop them!
Like u/pyalot said "If your concept does not yet work 2 years in, it will never work."
If anyone has anything else, let me know and I'll add it.
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MAD Doge - Such Problems, Much Solutions, Year of DOGE. (March 30th, 2014)

MAD Doge – 3/30/2014 The epic battle in price PANIC! PANIC? Well yes, panic if you want, it’s apocalypse time.

What’s wrong?

What am I doing? How am I invested in a solution? (WOW SUCH LONG READ)

What's going to happen?

It's going to be a rough ride, but there are upsides, Cryptsy has started on USD/DOGE exchanges.
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We have achieved a Dogeconomy! Time to prepare for second lift-off! Dogeconomy v.2!

v.1 has been achieved! (posted around December 2013) with ALL of your help. Now it's time to step the game, and to have clear goals as the halvening is arriving:
Just my 12 DOGE (~$0.02) :)
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Vert Play: Day 1

Hello Vertans!
As we zoom past 4k subscribers and the price fluctuations are dying down, I would like to start up a semi-daily update on certain issues/ideas brought up by the community, as well as links to important links,crowdfunding, etc.
Somedays, these may be just some key points about some things going on, others I might be able to go in depth on an issue.
Today, I would like to address what Vertcoin is, what it's about, and why a lot of us see it as a contender for the crypto-top-spots.
A very skilled group of individuals that you can read all about at and the community of Vertans here on reddit and at the official vertcoin forum: .
Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency/digital currency that exist on computers through mining the coin using your computer and transactions with others via the vertcoin wallet .
So a currency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin? What makes it special?
Vertcoin is similar to these coins in that they are cryptocurrencies that exist online and through paper wallets. Vertcoin also has 84 million coins, which is the same as Litecoin but different from Bitcoin(21 million) and Dogecoin(100 billion/milliard). Vertcoin takes a huge step in the direction of the true spirit of what a cryptocurrency should be : decentralized .
Vertcoin accomplishes this in a few main ways:
  1. No pre-mine: this means that the community has the same chance at mining the coins as the developers themselves.
  2. ASIC-Resistance: All coins that are not ASIC resistant can be mined used these super miners that create an extreme amount of hash-power towards mining the coins. These means that the wealthiest individuals interested in mining will be able to centralize the currency to where they control the mining. Instead of using the same algorithms as Bitcoins(SHA-256) and Litecoin and Dogecoin (Scrypt), Vertcoin uses Scypt-N which uses its "Adaptive N-Factor" to keep Vertcoin decentralized by increasing the memory over time. This means that instead of the other crpytos which are at a fixed amount of memory that allow ASICs to be able to target. This means that Vertcoin will be profitable over time through CPU mining which usually accomplishes very little with other cryptocurrencies.
  3. Multipool resistance: Most altcoins are subject to huge mining groups jumping on them when they become low difficulty and high value. This causes instability in coins and allows this big pools to take over the hash power and weed out the smaller miners. Vertcoin does something different by changing or "retargeting" the difficulty after ever block. This means that as soon as a multipool jumps on for a block, the next block a different coin would be more profitable because the difficulty would skyrocket and then go back to normal the block after they leave (block time: 2.5 minutes).
Anymore questions can be answered by asking here after checking the sidebar which is full of information.
Now for the part I will be doing daily to compile important links and information from the day:
This is going to take some practice and probably some name-calling before I can perfect what I want this to be, so suggestions and fixes are much appreciated. :D
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4/14/14 - China, BTC-e, Side Chains, Blockchain 1.5M wallets, Isracoin, Neo & Bee
Start off your week with today's top news updates in Money & Tech:
Chinese exchanges aren't letting the threat of bank closures slow them down. OKCoin and BTC China are both now planning to introduce bitcoin ATMs soon, as they and other exchanges in China adjust their business models and services to work around the central bank's restrictions. Huobi even went so far as to include a warning to the PBOC in its recent statement, saying “If online trading platforms that are following the rules have to stop services, bitcoin transactions will go offline where they will be unmonitored, and will result in even more difficulty regulating.”
Digital currency exchange BTC-e was down briefly on Sunday, following a powerful DDoS (or distributed denial of service) attack against its servers. BTC-e was quick to confirm the attack and dispel fears, assuring users that it was just a minor problem, with no security breach, and would be fixed quickly. True to their word, the exchange now appears to be back up and running.
Developer Adam Back and Canadian entrepreneur and investor Austin Hill have come up with a way to expand bitcoin’s functionality with "two-way pegging". With this concept, bitcoins could be moved back and forth between the bitcoin block chain and another block chain called a side chain. But they will need the support of the open source community to make changes to the Bitcoin protocol. Some developers are skeptical, but Back and Hill are confident they will have the support they need, and more official plans by mid-May. has now surpassed the 1.5M mark for downloads of its web wallet, just three months after hitting 1M in January. We spoke with CEO Nicholas Cary, who told us that "The team at Blockchain would like to thank the bitcoin community for its trust and support. We firmly believe that putting users first is the way to go. It is our mission to provide tools and services that build upon bitcoins core strengths and we look forward to building a better world through better money."
Beginning on midnight of May 6th, Israel's new cryptocurrency Isracoin will launch into the first of its four phases, with an airdrop of 500 coins to interested businesses, and an ultimate goal of sending 50,000 coins. Iceland attempted something similar last month with the airdrop of their own national altcoin Auroracoin. However, it suffered a 51% attack and the ledger was forked into multiple versions, essentially rendering the cryptocurrency valueless.
Cyprus police issued a warrant for the arrest of Neo & Bee CEO Danny Brewster on Friday, formally charging him with fraud in his failure to deliver £70,000 worth of Bitcoins to investors, as well as his employees, many of whom were never paid for March.
Money & Tech’s Perianne Boring attended the recent Inside Bitcoins New York conference and we’ll be bringing you her interviews from that event later this week. But in the meantime, enjoy a recap of our previous event coverage from CoinSummit, available here shortly.
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Auroracoin discussed by Icelandic Parliamentary Committee (and they don't like it)

The following is a rough translation of a news article on the Parliamentary Committee meeting.
Auroracoin discussed by Parliamentary Committee
The auroracoin medium of exchange was discussed by the Economic and Trade Committee of Parliament this morning, where an emphasis was put on educating and warning consumers of the risks of the phenomenon may pose. This is according to Pétur Blöndal, Member of Parliament for the Independence Party and vice-chairman of the Committee, but he says that there was consensus regarding the fact that using the medium of exchange could entail great risk.
Concerns about protecting property rights
Pétur says that multiple issues regarding auroracoin had been discussed by the Committee, including how the medium of exchange would work regarding taxation.
He then noted that those that were behind the medium of exchange had promised that a limited supply would be created, but that people would have to blindly trust that this would not be changed, and Pétur said he had significant concerns about how property rights were protected in the medium of exchange. Thus, for example, it has been shown on several occasions regarding the Bitcoin medium that it is unclear how the rights of individuals were protected.
"What is missing is that consumers be warned against this medium of exchange," Pétur said, but after approximately 10 days the creators of auroracoin have stated that they will give all Icelanders a few units of the medium.
The Central Bank of Iceland looks into responses to auroracoin
In the meeting there were among others representatives of the Central Bank of Iceland, and Pétur says that they discussed if this medium of exchange was beyond laws and regulations on the Capital Controls an that the Central Bank of Iceland had been in contact with foreign central banks that have recenly responded to the bitcoin movement. Pétur says that nothing had been decided regarding whether the Central Bank would respond in any way in light of the medium of exchange, but these matters were being looked into.
Pétur says that people have to realize that this is not a recognized currency since no-one backs the medium. When asked, he says that there are examples of currencies that hace not been backed by governments, but that the country has laws regarding currencies and that they do not apply to this medium of exchange.
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The best way for tech savvy Icelanders to use their AUR to help their economy is to mine cryptos.

The best thing that Iceland has for producing foreign exchange is their very inexpensive, renewable hydro and geothermally produced electricity. According to this Wikipedia entry:
Iceland’s per capita consumption of electricity was 7 times higher than the EU’s in 2008. The electricity is commercially used in the production of aluminum and other metal alloys that can be exported to gain foreign currency to compensate for the disaster caused by their bankers.
The cost of electricity is the main budget item in a crypto mining operation after the hardware has been acquired. Tech savvy Icelanders are undoubtedly aware of this, and, hopefully, are already starting to take advantage of buying up AUR, converting them to bitcoins, and ordering equipment from the best worldwide sources accepting bitcoins that will ship to Iceland. Hopefully, there are also local tech suppliers accepting AUR that are now bringing in enough inventories of the items to meet the new demand.
Iceland already has a very high per capita Internet use rate, so the country should have a large bandwidth to both the US and Europe. It remains to be seen the extent to which the Airdrop allows the country to become a larger center for crypto mining than it already has.
I am just a newbe, but I have gathered that, if Icelanders begin to dominate AUR trading, then local mining pools will have an advantage because they will get the local trade info quicker than those offshore. Offshore miners should be able to help the local pools by getting the offshore trade info quicker to the main node than otherwise.
Furthermore, if AUR becomes imbedded in the local economy, the local miners will be able to recycle their profits into the local auroracoin economy improving the ecosystem’s efficiency. By mining other altcoins, they will be bringing in badly needed foreign currency using a locally produced valuable commodity that is currently being underutilized. Hopefully the Icelandic politicians are becoming aware of this potential, and will let it develop without interference.
Icelandic based auroracoin mining pools would be best for the coin because they will have a stake in the currency and will have the means to do what it takes to defend it.
Perhaps some Icelanders who have some info on these matters will share with us.
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It would be great if the Shribes would help the Auroracoin Community with its infrastructure problem.

The Dogecoin Community has built an infrastructure that is very easy for people who are not into bitcoin to learn. The Auroracoin Community lacks such infrastructure now. If an exchange set up a DOGE/AUR pair, the people of Iceland could utilize the fruit of the Dogecoin Ecosystem.
Many of our posters have indicated that they are Shribes. If you are one of them and you want to help the Icelanders benefit from the opportunity that is being given to them, you should try to get support in your community for setting up such a pair.
Shribes have a reputation for being very generous and for taking up causes. If Icelanders start converting their AUR to DOGE in large numbers, it will raise the dogecoin market cap and lower auroracoin’s. If this begins to happen, then Shribes, being generous, should buy AUR to try to compensate.
Dogecoin has benefited greatly from the publicity from its charitable endeavors. This would not strictly be a charitable endeavor. The publicity would probably help both coins because the goal is to get the Icelanders to utilize a cryptocurrency. If this endeavor helps many Icelanders learn the benefits of using dogecoin, they will undoubtedly continue to do so for those purposes where it will be more convenient than using auroracoin in the future.
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Bitcoin Swaps! -- Gyft adds Walmart -- AuroraCoin Airdrop Begins! Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Tutorial with Bitcoin and 179 Altcoins! Aurora coin fully explained  How it works ? Altcoin and Bitcoin fans need to learn the Auroracoin mania lesson Best Cryptocurrency Exchange - YouTube

Auroracoin price today is $0.044649 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of not available. Auroracoin is down 0.01% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #1369, with a market cap of $807,184 USD. It has a circulating supply of 18,078,320 AUR coins and a max. supply of 21,000,000 AUR coins. You can find the top exchanges to trade Auroracoin listed on our Auroracoin (code: AUR, symbol: Fehu - ᚠ) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency launched in February 2014 as an Icelandic alternative to bitcoin and the Icelandic króna. The unknown creator or creators use the pseudonym Baldur Friggjar Óðinsson (or Odinsson). They stated that they planned to distribute half of auroracoins that would ever be created to all 330,000 people listed in Iceland's ... Get Auroracoin (AUR) price, charts, volume, market cap, exchange list and more. Get Auroracoin (AUR) price, charts, volume, market cap, exchange list and more. 🔥 Out Now 🔥 We've just published the CoinGecko Q3 2020 Crypto Report! Yield farming, the NFT trend and so much more 🔎 EN . Language. English Deutsch Español Français Italiano język polski Limba română Magyar nyelv ... Auroracoin is among the first serious attempts to use a new Bitcoin-inspired crypto-currency to save a flailing European economy, starting today. How much Bitcoin is 4 AUR? Check the latest Bitcoin (BTC) price in Auroracoin (AUR)! Exchange Rate by

[index] [31434] [8357] [38941] [40827] [49583] [20893] [26904] [42723] [15525] [33900]

Bitcoin Swaps! -- Gyft adds Walmart -- AuroraCoin Airdrop Begins!

CryptoCurrency Convention 4/9/14 - David Lio Auroracoin Join us at our Next EVENT located in London, UK 2014. DATE: October 22nd, 2014 LOCATION: The British Museum Great Russell St, London WC1B ... View the full list of digital assets available to trade with Bitcoin below! 2GIVE 8bit AMP Aeon Antshares Apx Aragon Ardor Ark ArtByte Augur AuroraCoin BURSTCoin Bata BitBay BitBean BitCrystals ... Hvað er Auroracoin? Any donation will be really appreciate LTC: LaFdCEqJNie4Mui4xEjpX5ZGX7m1eBSwEK BTC: 16K81Yj6njWoen2UMHje8CzdbmM7v... Auroracoin (code: AUR, symbol: ᚠ) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency launched in February 2014 as an Icelandic alternative to bitcoin and the Icelandic króna.[1][2][3] The unknown creator or ... February 5, 2014 -- San Diego, California -- The Cold, Crisp Taste of MadBitcoins. MadBitcoins Subscriber Index 2412. The aliens have taught us much about cr...